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About Us



In 2014, a simple but remarkable concept took root in Houston, Texas. That concept was to handcraft superior chocolates – chocolates that would not only taste exquisite, but that would look exceptional, as well. The result would be a chocolate indulgence for all the senses. From that initial idea grew Sleek Chocolatier & Cafe, where to this day we still handcraft each piece, using only the finest ingredients. We pair our own decadent chocolate with fresh flavors from Belgium and its history, and then hand-decorate each piece with intricate care. It all makes for a chocolate experience without a compare, and we invite you to share in that experience yourself. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy savoring each Sleek Chocolatier delicacy as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Your eyes close as the flavors consume you. This journey of the senses begins with your eyes open though. What you see excites the mind and the soul. The Sleek look is clear, artistic perfection. It commands the senses. The smell of 100 years of creation at your fingertips. The taste of 100% natural ingredient chocolate passes your lips as your journey begins. We've created Sleek for YOU.